Full commitment to our customers

We see the permanent optimization and further development of our products, processes and services not as a necessary duty, but as an enriching challenge. That is why we continuously analyze our processes and results on the basis of defined KPIs and targets. Because the satisfaction of our customers is clearly our top priority. Only then are we´re satisfied too. Our team accompanies new orders, launch products and product development orders in a predefined process until delivery. In this way, you receive a product that exactly meets your requirements.


Take advantage of our know-how

As a pharmaceutical service provider, we offer you the following services in addition to the production of your packaging products:

Design, graphics, typesetting

Our media designers create a professional layout according to your specifications taking into consideration your specific wishes and the generally applicable regulations of the pharmaceutical industry.

Data archiving

We archive your data on double-mirrored servers with the highest possible security standard, always traceable and with permanent access.

Product development &

We are happy to develop and optimize packaging products tailored to your needs. Our technicians offer solution proposals, create layouts and samples and accompany new developed products up to your packaging line.


Our warehouse, built in 2020, with 500 pallet spaces and an intelligent WMS system allows us to store your packaging products as contract orders with call-offs arriving on time at your packaging line.


100% quality - lived, monitored, documented and audited - our promise to you!

In order to meet the high demands of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, we at Vochezer Druck GmbH ensure product quality according to clearly defined guidelines of DIN EN ISO 9001. Building on this, we observe the specifications of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and have firmly integrated the main and most important topics of Health & Safety and environmental management into our process-oriented management system. Using the "lean manufacturing" and "six sigma" optimization tools, we regularly check and improve our processes and product quality.

Our employees carry out extensive quality controls while the production process and are supported by technical and optical systems. Our quality assurance constantly checks the product quality and compliance with all production specifications independently while the production process. Test results of all checks, the materials used and the result of the final product inspection are recorded and archived for each production batch.


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