FSC changes MIX label text

The 2.5-year transition period for the new FSC logo expires in June 2024

The new label was launched by FSC in January 2022. From the date of introduction, a transition period of two and a half years applies to certificate holders. During the transition period, both the old and the new label may be used. The long transition period is intended to ensure that certificate holders can implement the new label as part of ongoing data processing and the change control processes that must be observed.

Vochezer Druck GmbH will therefore revise all affected print data for new orders from week 14/2024 and replace the “old” FSC logo with the new one.

To ensure error-free production, all revised data will be resent to our customers for approval.

All new print data will be sent for approval with the new logo.

If you have any questions or inquiries, we are happy to help you at any time.

Rainer Vochezer

Managing Director and Sales